Empira is a debt enforcement company that required a full web application system, both a front facing website and a back end system for management to carry out day-to-day tasks, and debtors to manage their cases. The aim of the project was to automate daily processes to maximise business efficiency, as well giving debtors the control to track their cases and make payments.

The challenge was the time sensitivity, meaning planning and time management were essential to ensure the web application was developed and integrated into the case management software on time for the business to start operating. This involved managing the development of how the web application would interact with the case management system, working closing with the software provider to ensure the clients needs were met. Leading the development team and delegating tasks accordinly was vital for meeting the project deadline.

Designing the experience

Being a debt collection company, an industry with negative connotations, Empira wanted a soft gentle feeling website to invoke a sense of calm. The idea was to be associated with friendless and helpfulness rather than harsh feeling given by the competition.

Maximising business efficiency

The automation of key business processes aided in maximising efficiency whilst keeping costs down. A custom report suite with auto generation on a regular schedule allowed the client to obtain key information to use in their enforcement strategies. The creation of a payment importer engine meant payments from all platforms could be automatically imported into the case management system, through an API, without the need for staff intervention.

Debtor portal

A debtor portal, developed using a custom PHP framework, was needed to allow debtors to manage their cases and make single payments, or setup payment plans quickly and securely. The goal was for debtors to handle all actions on the website without the need to contact Empira, acting a self-sufficient debt management application.