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Me, Myself & I.

You're probably thinking, who is this guy?

Well, I'm Alex, a full stack web developer with over 5 years of experience collaborating within a variety of exciting industries. I focus on turning your vision into reality. Whether that is an elegantly designed, user friendly website or an innovative, bespoke web system that takes your business to new heights. Whatever you need, I have it covered.

I'm a fast learner with a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem solving. I love nothing more than exploring your ideas and together coming up with the perfect solution, no matter the complexities. I’m not afraid to be bold and create something out of the ordinary, all the while maintaining simplicity and effciency.

When I'm not balls deep in developing, I pursue my interests in skateboarding, motorbike racing and adventuring. As you can tell, I don't like to take things steady.

What does this guy do?

I design.

I sweat the small stuff that takes a design to a whole new level. Ensuring your brand identity shines through is vital, but we can't forget about the end users experience. Finding that pefect blend of innovate design and user interaction is key.

I code.

Bringing together the worlds of design and technology, I take the blue prints of your design and bring it to life across all platforms. I take on projects aimed at reaching new users and building your brand through front end technologies, all the way through to large scale web applications that create business effciencies, increase revenue, and anything in between through the use of back-end technologies.

PHP | MySQL | SQL | HTML | CSS | JS | jQuery | REST | SOAP | JSON

I consider.

No two projects are the same and that's exactly how I treat each one. Every brand and business has their own set of unique requirements that dictate and drive the project. I tailor each project to these individual needs by ensuring the most applicabale technologies are used for the job, focusing on delivering exactly what you need in a simple, optimised solution.

Have an idea?

Let's turn that idea into reality...

Currently residing in Greater Manchester, but a little distance won't put the brakes on us working together. Wherever you are, we will make it happen.

If you're in need of a revitalised website, fully functioning web system or anything in between, let's start a discussion.

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being saidPeter Drucker

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