Mann Made Group








MannMade Group is a client focused Trust and Corporate service provider, which was the driving force behind the project. The project was split into two parts; redesigning the website and developing a client portal. The aim of the project was to provide an updated website as part of MannMade's new marketing campaign, and to offer a client portal to provide better services to current and potential clients.

Designing the experience

Being a client focused business, the goal was to design a user-friendly, simplified interface that would better express MannMade's mission and the services they provide. As part of the redesign, a CMS was a necessity to allow the client to update content, and put into place their own SEO plan. The other key requirement was a fully mobile responsive site that would work across all devices, an issue with their old outdated website.

Client portal

A client portal, developed using Laravel framework, was required to provide MannMade's clients a place to securely view and/or download private documents, a service offered to improve MannMade's services and get ahead of the competition. The portal provides MannMade the ability to manage documents through CRUD operations, and view statistics on all document/client interactions to assist in their business strategy.